Charmeuse Satin Pillow Case
Charmeuse Satin Pillow Case

Charmeuse Satin Pillow Case

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Do away to dreaded bed head and bring a luxe touch to bedtime with our Satin Charmeuse  pillow case, a vegan alternative to silk. Your newest nighttime necessity, it's soft satin fabrication won't agitate your strands while you sleep, allowing you to wake up frizz free and ready to take on the day! Get a good night's rest with this hydrating,  anti-frizz, anti-aging pillowcase!

Unlike cotton, satin doesn't absorb moisture from your hair and skin helping them to stay hydrated while you sleep for a more opulent sleep. Satin is said to prevent sleep lines on your face, decrease bedhead and helps to prevent split ends. Your eyelashes will also benefit from the lack of friction standard cotton pillowcases may cause. 

 Includes 1 pillow case

Fabric: 100% Charmeuse Satin

Color: Black

Craft: Handmade in Mississippi, USA

Care: Hand-wash and air-dry