Opulent Hair Essentials’ Story

I've always been an advocate for holistic healing and remedies. My friends, family, colleagues and students can attest to that. Doing away with relaxers 6 years ago, I can truthfully say, my hair has been at its healthiest when I made my own products. I have ALWAYS been a DIY person, as I hate spending my coins on products, especially when they don't give me the desired results. Concurrently, I love reading, researching and analyzing (it’s the English teacher in me), knowing there had to be a better way to care for my hair…naturally, and organically. Thus, began my quest for the organic elements found in nature’s bounty that not only made my hair feel healthy and look beautiful, but they were actually affordable. Plus, let’s be honest here, there is nothing subpar about elements created by God.

I’ve decided to share my discoveries with the world and Opulent Hair Essentials was born.Years of research and experimenting and formulating numerous combinations have resulted in the products you’ll find here, made by me with all natural ingredients, carefully crafted to give you moisture/protein balanced tresses and solve specific health concerns of hair, with formulations that promote healthy hair.

Allow my brief transparency, there are several critical hair needs every person has and sometimes depending on the season and your lifestyle, your hair needs may change. Keep the following point in mind;  if you want the right products for your hair, then you should focus on finding hair care products that work well together and addresses two critical needs: moisture and protein, and without chemicals that combat the two. Remember that your hair  is made up primarily of protein and a proper protein structure is required for water molecules to bind with and to also help keep water locked inside the strands.

Opulent Hair Essentials products are made up of world wide harvested butters, flowers,herbs, oils and plant extracts to address deficiencies with moisture and protein - high fatty acid content that adds luster and shine to your hair. With antibacterial and anti-fungal properties these products help to foster a healthy hair environment, free from microbial organisms, giving your hair the nutrients it needs while preventing hair breakage and split ends, which leads to growth retention, healthy tresses and a balanced stimulated scalp!

I look forward to being your liaison as you take this journey to attain your hydrated and robust mane!!  Can’t wait to read your review(s) and see your progress towards becoming your own hair goals!!