Opulent Hair 101: Winter Hair Care Tips For Natural Hair

Winter is here and while many of us love this season, our poor curls need a little extra TLC! Here are a few tips to keep your hair healthy and moisturized all winter long!

1. Deep Condition Weekly

We all know deep conditioning is the key to healthy hair, but sometimes we can get a little lazy and skip a few weeks. During the winter you do not want to get caught slacking. Your curls will SUFFER! This is the time to take extra care of your hair and provide it with as much moisture as possible. Deep conditioning weekly will help combat the cold weather that's drying your curls out and keep it moisturized for longer. Our Dew The Dew Deep Conditioner is perfect for restoring moisture and nourishing your curls.

2. Wear More Protective Styles

We love a good protective style and there's no better time to try one out than during the winter. Cold air can dry your hair and scalp out. Wearing a protective style can help protect your hair from this environmental damage and keep it moisturized for longer. You can try mini twists with your own natural hair or go all out and get passion twists, braids, or one of our favs, butterfly locs. Whichever you pick just don't forget to oil your scalp. Our Oil For Your Turmoil - Growth Serum is great for keeping your scalp moisturized and flake free.

3. Trim More Often

No one likes to lose length, but over here we prefer healthy hair over long hair. During the winter your hair, especially your ends, tend to dry out more often. This can result in dry brittle ends that start to break of. Before your split ends can continue up your hair shaft you should cut them immediately. An easy way to cut your hair yourself is to put your hair in mini twists and cut any ends that don't look as healthy as the rest or snag. After, your curls will look and feel healthier and stay moisturized for longer.

Taking care of you hair during the winter can be stressful, but our products make it so much easier!


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