Surviving Winter: Hair Edition

So, it’s the beginning of Holiday party season, and many of us are, trying to hit these galas, parties, and soirees rocking our opulent tresses. Unfortunately, havoc wrecking winter bears the fruit of cool and dry air and our skin and hair are suffering the consequences. Regardless of your hair type, texture or porosity if you are trying to survive the winter months with your healthy, shiny, bouncy locks intact, try some of these hair care tips.

Tips for Maintaining Opulent Hair During Winter

  1. Wash Hair Sparingly – It’s no secret  hot showers can rob your skin of moisture, and frequent washing can do the same for hair. Of course frequency of hair washing is personal preference, but typically mostly everyone’s hair can go longer between washes in the winter months. Your best hair care tip – choose a shampoo that is free of sulfates, which can strip hair of its natural oils, our No Tress-Passing Shampoo not only rids the hair of product build up, but helps to balance your scalp to combat itchiness and flakes.
  2. Moisturize and Condition Frequently – Winter is a great time to use a deep conditioner to restore your hair’s soft, healthy, shiny appearance. Our Do the Dew conditioners have a combination of several herbs, butter and nourishing oils to rejuvenate and add luster to your hair. Spritzing hair with our Heavenly Refresher or a combination of water and nourishing oils between washes is a great idea to rejuvenate your curls.
  3. Dry Hair Properly – How many of you still rub your hair dry with one of those cotton-loop, terry-cloth towels? These rough, cotton-loop towels are harsh on hair, causing breakage and hair loss. Go ahead and toss those and opt for something more gentle like microfiber towel or cotton T-shirt to dry your hair instead. Ideally, you should gently blot and squeeze your hair instead of rubbing or wringing.
  4. Detangle Carefully- Detangle your hair immediately after you apply your conditioner and rinse after. This will help cut down on any tangles you might have. Detangling options include: finger detangling or detangling with preferred tool (wide-tooth comb or brush). 
  5. Additionally- Whenever possible, avoid heat drying and heat styling your hair.  

-Protect your edges from tight styles. Massage areas with tension or product buildup with a hair/scalp oil (our Oil For Your Turmoil is packed with balancing and strengthening essential oils to fortify hair and scalp).

-Protect your hair with silk bonnets, pillow cases, scarves, hats...etc. 

-Eating a well-balanced diet with plenty of fruits, leafy greens, lean proteins and of course, good old H2O is really important all year long. 

Try some of these hair care tips and see if they help you avoid the winter hair woes. Cutting back on washing, focusing on moisturizing and conditioning, ditching the heat, tight styles, towel  and maintaining a healthy diet will all help you rock your healthy curls all the way through winter!

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