Opulent Hair 101: Spring Hair Tips

Winter is coming to an end and spring is around the corner, but are your curls ready sis? Winter can be harsh on our hair and can cause issues that continue throughout the Spring, but not on our watch! Below are 6 tips to get your hair rejuvenated and ready for Spring Time!

1. Get a trim

Let that hair go sis! Trims are so important because they help keep your hair snag and tangle free. This helps to prevent breakage and allows your hair to retain more length. So remember trims aren't a bad thing, they are actually the key to healthy hair growth.

2. Deep Condition Weekly

If you not deep conditioning weekly then what you doing? This step is crucial to your natural hair journey. This is what revives and rejuvenates your hair and what takes it from okay to OPULENT! Sometimes your curls need a restart and a little heat and deep conditioner can go a long way. Our Dew The Dew or Hit the Breaks On The Break Deep conditioner is great because it is made to intensely nourish and help bring your curls back to life.

3. Keep your scalp fresh and itch free

Healthy hair starts with the scalp. A fresh and clean scalp is what you need to see the hair growth results you want. Sometimes your hair follicles can become blocked from product build up and prevent your hair from growing properly. Our No Tress-Passing Cleansing Shampoo is prefect for getting rid of pesky build-up and flakes! Because ain't nobody got time for that!

4. Switch out your products

Once the season changes it's time to change your products right along with it. During the winter we tend to use heavier products such as creams, thicker oils, and butters. BUT as the weather warms up your hair doesn't need as much protection. It is better to use lighter products that still provide enough moisture to your hair without weighing it down.

5. Cut down on styling

We all love cute hairstyles especially in the Spring, but over styling can cause damage and breakage to your hair. Although our hair is strong and can take a lot, it does not like constant manipulation. Try styling your hair only once a week and look at what a big difference it makes.

6. Get a protective style

Who doesn't love a bomb protective style? Not only are they cute, but it also allows you to give your hair a break. Like we said before, constant manipulation to your hair is not good. Give you and your hair a breather and try locs or curly box braids. Remember, we can rock anything so your results will only be Opulent!

Need some products to help you get ready for Spring? We got you covered!


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  • Great tips! I will definitely switch out my heavy, winter products for light, spring products.

    Stephanie Thomas

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