Opulent Hair 101: Satin Benefits For Natural Hair

Your hairs health is our top priority! We want your opulent curls to stay hydrated, soft, and shiny for as long as possible before it's time for your next wash day. This is why we added 2 new products, Satin Bonnets and Pillowcases! So kiss bad hair days goodbye because this set will have your curls right for weeks!

Satin Benefits For Natural Hair

Prevents Breakage: Because of Satins smooth texture, there are fewer tangles, single strand knots and breakage done to your hair. This can improve the overall health of your hair and promote hair growth.


Longer Lasting Styles: No more re-doing styles! Satins silky material allows your hair to glide across it without any extra friction. Your hair is able to stay soft and juicy for longer, allowing you to retain your hairstyle for several days.


Hair And Skin Stay Cleaner: Unlike cotton, satin and silk don’t soak up oils, product, or anything else which might transfer onto your hair or inspire an unwanted breakout.

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