Positive Hair Affirmations For Natural Hair

Self love is the best love and what better way to show it than through positive hair affirmations! Positive affirmations help you create a better attitude, more confidence, and helps you welcome more positive energy around you. Positive affirmations eventually turn into positive actions which are beneficial to you and your hair! Below are 5 hair affirmations you should say daily to keep you and your hair on the right track to healthiness and growth!

Positive Hair Affirmations

1. I appreciate my hair

The best way to learn how to love your hair is to truly appreciate every curl and coil on your head. Show your hair love and care for it like it was your own child. Self care applies to your hair as well and the results you see after correctly tending to your hair will make you love and appreciate it even more!

2. I will not compare my hair to anyone else's

Newly naturals tend to have unrealistic expectations for their hair. They watch numerous hair tutorials of other naturals with different hair types and expect their hair to come out the same way. This can cause disappointment and hatred for your own natural hair texture. Take the time to fully accept and embrace your hair for what is and not what you wish it could be.

3. I will continue to learn my hair

Learning your hair can be the best and worst part of your natural hair journey. On one side it is exciting and fun to learn what your hair likes and what it doesn't, but on the other side it can be very discouraging and expensive. Don't let this process get you down. Everyone goes through it and eventually you will find the right products and regimen for your hair and the struggle will have been worth it!

4. I will reach my length goal

Everyone wants length, but are you really doing what is required to get there? Hair growth takes hard work and dedication. This does not mean you can't achieve your hair growth goals, it just means you need to find a regimen you hair likes and stick to it. Deep condition weekly, style your hair less, and most importantly don't stress the growth. If you are doing all the right things then the length will come. Just enjoy the process and watch your hard work pay off.

5. I will not allow the negativity of others to rub off on me.

Wearing your natural hair can feel liberating and empowering for many people, but it can also bring negativity with it. Everyone may not like your natural hair and they may even give you weird stares, but I'm here to tell you sis...WHO CARES! You rock your natural hair like it is the best thing in this world because IT IS! Your hair is your crown and you hold it up high and proud because ain't nobody got time for that negativity. It's all self love and positive vibes over here!

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