Opulent Hair 101: Natural Hair Moisture Myths

Throughout the natural hair community you hear a lot of different ways to moisturize and take care of your hair. It may start to feel a little overwhelming trying to figure out what actually works and what doesn’t. It’s time to get to the bottom of it! Below we will discuss common moisture myths that may have you reconsidering your hair regimen.

1. Hydration Vs Moisture

Hydrating and moisturizing your hair is great, but many people tend to assume these words mean the same thing and their meanings are slightly different. When you hydrate your hair you are adding some type of water. Many times when your hair is dry and brittle it needs to be hydrated first and then moisturized. Now, moisturizing your hair isn’t as simple as adding oil. You need to be using a cream that contains oils, butters, and water. Our Dew the Dew Leave-In Conditioner is great for giving your hair that extra boost of moisture it’s been missing!

2. Oils Moisturizes Your Hair

Now, I know we all love oil and it’s great, but is it properly moisturizing your hair? Most of the time if oil is all you're using then the answer is, no. Oil should be used as a sealant after you add water and a cream/leave-in to your hair. Oil alone is not enough to keep your hair moisturized. It will add shine, but that’s about it. The next day your hair will be just as dry and brittle as it was before.

3. Dry Flaky Scalp = Dirty Hair

Have you ever washed your hair and 2-3 days later your scalp is dry and itchy? Many people believe this is because they didn’t properly wash it the first time and then they wash it again. While that may be the case it is more likely that your scalp is not being properly moisturized and cared for. Your scalp should be moisturized every 1-2 days especially if it’s naturally dry. You can also use refresher sprays that help rejuvenate and add moisture back to your scalp. Our Heavenly Refresher Hydration Mist is perfect for caring for your scalp in between styles leaving it soothed and flake free.

Now that I gave you the 411 on all things moisture try out our Full Moisture Collection!

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