Healthy Hair and Scalp Maintenance While Wearing A Protective Style

At some time or another we all decide to wear a protective style in our hair. Maybe it’s to retain length, let your hair rest or just to cut down on the daily maintenance that natural hair can take to maintain. Whatever your reason for protective styling, you can’t neglect to care for your hair while it’s up. While there is less maintenance with a protective style, it still needs to be shampooed, conditioned and moisturized to keep the scalp and hair healthy. The whole purpose is to protect the hair, but that doesn’t mean to forget about it either. There are 3 important steps to follow while your hair is in the protective style to see the growth you want and to keep it healthy.

Step 1. Cleansing Your Scalp

Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. Shampooing your hair while it’s in protective style is essential to keeping your scalp and hair clean. Be mindful of cleansing properly. Ways to shampoo vary as much the type of styles vary for your hair. You can choose to apply our No Tress-Passing Shampoo directly to your scalp, massage between the parts and then rinse with warm water. Another way to cleanse includes using a damp cloth to go over strands and scalp or use a Q-tip dipped in our No Tress - Passing Shampoo (mixed with water) to clean between the rows of braids or twists (ideal for sew-ins, wigs and crochet styles).

Step 2. Hydrating/ Moisturizing Your Scalp

The next step is very important as it will help combat dry and irritated scalp. It’s imperative that you keep your scalp hydrated and moisturized as it curbs itchiness and flakes. Our Heavenly Refresher - Hydration Mist
 is a 4-in-1 spray it Hydrates (aloe vera & water) , calms (shikakai & hibiscus) stimulates (peppermint & rosemary) and moisturizes (glycerin & avocado oil) the scalp, optimal environment for growth.

Step 3. Sealing Moisture In the Scalp

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize is all we hear, but what’s more important is sealing that moisture. When your hair is in a protective style it’s hard to keep all the hair moisturized. So let’s focus on the most delicate areas (scalp and ends) some styles will allow easier access than others. Apply oil or butter to scalp and hair as needed (ideally every other day and weekly respectively) . Use a light hand when applying, as too much can cause build-up. If wearing braids or similar styles start at mid strand and apply oil/butter in downward motion to the ends. Pay particularly close attention to the ends of your hair that are unraveling from the rest and these are more prone to single stranded-knots and split ends. Our Oil for Your Turmoil Growth Serum is great for keeping your scalp moisturized and flake free while wearing protective styles.

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