Understanding and Caring For ALL Hair Textures

Many people think that “hair texture” is simply how their hair feels. Maybe it feels dry or oily—or maybe it feels so good that you want to run your hands through it all day long. But the truth is that “dry” or “greasy” is not technically hair texture, it simply describes the state of your hair. Hair texture describes the circumference of your hair. There are three different hair texture types—fine, medium, and thick. Each hair texture type has its own traits that set it apart from other hair textures and influence the care or treatment it may need.

Fine Hair

Fine hair is the most fragile hair texture. Each individual hair is thin and only has two hair layers; cortex and cuticle. If you have this hair type, you might find it hard to keep your hair in a style, or it might get oily easily. And, as you probably know, too much product will weigh this hair texture down, making it break easily

Tips for Care

  • Deep condition every wash day
  • Use protein based products to help strengthen hair strand
  • Shampoo hair every wash day, and avoid from co-washing too often. Because fine textured hair is easily weighed down, you want to eliminate excessive build-up.
  • Use liquid or lighter leave-in conditioners or skip them all together and go straight to styling cream. Our styling cream has conditioning agents so you still get the needed hydration and .
  • Minimize the use of styling gels, gels tend to weigh hair down more. If you just have to have something with your styling cream, use a mousse (better for sculpting and volume).
  • For L.O.C. or L.C.O method, use lighter oils as sealant
  • Cut hair in layers, this adds volume

Suggested products for Fine Hair

Medium Hair

Medium hair is the most common hair texture and is thicker than fine hair and doesn’t get damaged quite as easily. The individual hairs have the same two hair layers as fine hair, but may also have the third one – the medulla. Medium hair can keep hairstyles better, looks thicker and is more resistant to breaking.

Tips for Care

  • Deep conditioner every wash day
  • Use balancing and cleansing shampoos
  • You may co-wash more often, but be sure to use a clarifying shampoo for build-up.
  • Medium hair needs a bit more of moisture based products than fine hair.
  • Thicker moisturizing conditioners to balance the needs of drier and older ends and newer roots
  • Use hair creams , gels and mousse in moderation.

 Suggested products for Medium Hair

 Thick Hair

Thick or coarse hair has all three hair layers; cortex, cuticle, and medulla. Thick hair gives the impression of a fuller head of hair, and it can hold a hairstyle well. If you have thick hair texture, your hair is more tolerant to heat, styling products, hair dye and breakage than both fine or medium hair. But this also means that your hair takes longer to dry and can get frizzy in humid weather.

Tips for Care

  • Pre-poo hair before shampooing
  • Shampoo once a month
  • Use more hydrating and moisturizing products
  • Deep Condition every wash day
  • Use heavier oils and butter for sealant
  • Try L.C.O. method instead of L.O.C. method
  • Pair a gel with styling cream for more definition and less frizz

Suggested products for Thick Hair

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