Back To School Hair Care and Style Tips For Parents

It's officially back to school season and while the kiddos may be excited, it can be a pretty stressful time for parents. Shopping for bookbags and school supplies can be hectic, but something you won't have to worry about is how to care for and style your little ones hair. Below are a few tips and tricks on how to save you time and patience with your child's hair this school year.

Have A Set Hair Routine

The weekday can be a busy time for you and your child. Creating a schedule for your weekly hair routine can help alleviate some of that stress. Knowing exactly when wash day is and not having to plan it every week is definitely a life saver! Try making your child's wash and style day on a day of the week that is the least busiest for both of you. 

Try Styles That Last

Many parents love trying new cute styles on their kids, but in reality it only lasts a good 5 minutes once they leave the door. This will cause you to over style your kids hair, which is something you do not want to do. Try styles that have longevity and are "kid proof". Some examples are:

Flat twist/2 strand twists: These can last all week long and once they get frizzy then you can take them out and voilà your child has a whole new style. 

Braids: This is many parents favorite style because of the longevity. Braids can last from 2-5 weeks depending on how rough your child is with their hair. Just make sure you are moisturizing their scalp every other day and using a scalp refresher such as our Heavenly Refresher - Hydration Mist to add moisture back to the scalp and prevent dandruff.

4 Flat Twists Pigtails: This is one of the cutest styles you can do and it lasts for a WEEK! You can even add cute hair accessories to dress it up. You can either leave the entire style flat twisted or you can unravel the ends and make a bun on each side. Our Groovy Hair Smoothie - Styling Cream is perfect for achieving this style. It is lightweight and leaves hair soft and moisturized.

Bun: After a long week sometimes you just don't feel like doing anything and we completely understand. This is the perfect time to try a cute bun. Buns a pretty cool because there are so many different kinds. High, low, middle, or even 2 puffs. Whichever you decide, it can usually last 2-3 days before you will have to restyle. 

 Invest In Satin For Your Kiddo

Satin is not just for adults! Your kids should be protecting their Opulent strands as well. Satin allows styles to last longer, keeps moisture in your hair for longer, and prevents breakage. Our Opulent Sleep Set includes a Satin Bonnet and Pillowcase that is perfect for protecting your little ones hair.

Now you and your child should be all ready for back to school season. If you try any of these styles be sure to tag us. We want to see those cuties!😍

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